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 The goals of this sector are achieved in the following way:
1 | To incorporate effective tools to help the Telesalesperson successfully perform his/her work and achieve his/her sales      goals.
2 | To recognize the different moments of the Telephone-Sale process.
3 | To participate in a theoretical-practical activity, based on a model applicable to the characteristics of an organization     focused on the Customer.
4 | Permanent coaching through weekly team meetings, phone-tapping, brain storming and possible improvement plans.
5 | Individual meetings between the supervisor and the telemarketer, aimed at aligning and understanding concepts in a high      potential telemarketer.
Primary inducement
1. Work team selection..
2. Global training for getting to know customers, customers’     activities and best practices.
3. Inducement in the business to be developed.
4. Training on products and scripting.
5. Customer phone-tapping.
6. IT tests
7. Operators’ feedback and brain storming.
Continuous improvement
8. Permanent coaching, continuous improvement process..
We have specialized professionals, capable of giving customized courses. They come from ESAT – Escuela Argentina de Telemarketers (Argentine School of Telemarketers) – www.esat-telemarketers.com.ar
The knowledge acquired during the training is evaluated by means of product, attitude and capacity tests.

There is a two-week period from the telemarketer appointment until he/she starts performing his/her tasks, as in that period the advisor attends to a training course before he/she starts working.