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The key of our growth is to be a big human team with deep knowledge of the product area, marketing and TV.
Nuestro equipo está integrado por:
Customer care advisors
They receive claim and/or consultation calls which are answered in a professional way, generating peace-of-mind and safety to the customer, providing a service capable of ensuring an excellent level to satisfy customer needs.
Collection advisors
They have capability to negotiate and perseverance. They are clever to help the customer find, together with them, a solution to the problem and make the customer pay debts.
Telesales advisors
Advisors with sales attitude and good diction. They are energetic, enthusiastic and flexible, capable of adapting to changes, never damaging the COMPANY’S IMAGE.
Work teams formers, capable of carrying out qualitative/quantitative analyses and capable of clearly guiding when it comes to setting goals.
Leadership, quality oriented team management capacities. Knowledge on the development of scripting, control board management: report reading, trends, business profitability, report-writing knowledge, call center metric experience, xls.sql report design, sales conversion, management of call center administration tools based on pbx/ctserver.
Operations manager
Strong personality, capable of adapting to constant changes. Wide strategic vision to carry out new business start-ups. His/Her work consists of creating work circuits, task delegation, flow channel design, expedition and business control. Total knowledge of the business and its variables.