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Acerca de SPT Servicios RRHH Clientes Tecnología
We have a Network which Extended Star Topology configuration assists in different areas of the company.
The system can handle multiple campaigns (incoming and outgoing, automatic and with transfer), administrating multiple databases, allowing operators to have more than one campaign assigned, distributing tasks in group, also defining primary and secondary activities, therefore, when one group finishes a primary activity, the secondary activity automatically starts operating.
The system has an advanced set of parametrizable reports that allow a historical analysis and real time control of the Call Center management. Also, the system generates historical records that facilitate the development of new reports aimed at specific requirements of each Call.
Within historical reports, we can obtain statistics of ACD, AGENTS, CAMPAIGNS and MANAGEMENT.
Conversations are recorded from the beginning to the end, allowing a complete record of said conversations which are kept in the hard disk and they can be heard with the conversation player, in which a conversation can be searched by date, agent or recording description.
The system allows the configuration of different recording modalities: all the calls, calls per channel, per customer care center, per campaign, etc.
Besides, it has circuits via ftp which to be downloaded by our Customer Companies.
The system allows the Supervisor intervention, as it has a screen where the Call Center condition can be watched in real time, also with the opportunity to participate in the conversation in three modalities:
As simple phone-tapping (silent mode, without the customer and agent listening to him/her)
CAs instructor , the same conference as in the previous case but only the agent can listen to     the supervisor, being this clear to the customer.
As participant,, a conference among three individuals (Customer, agent and supervisor)
It contemplates automatic dial techniques and upon request, managing calls and transferring them, together with data associated to the appropriate agent or group. When interacting with IVR system, automatic campaigns can be performed (without agent intervention).

We have a main server that accomplishes Users’ Administrative Tasks and Work Stations through the Active Directory service. In this way, users’ access permit control is centralized. Besides, this Server is in charge of storing safety policies and profiles of each user, so the configuration or reconfiguration of each specific user is not required as the profiles of users’ groups are used.

This Server supplies DNS and DHCP service
Also, the Business Database Repository can be found in this Server.
An equipment with SUSE 9.2 Professional operating system is used as firewall. This equipment carries out Internet access functions of the Proxy and Mail servers.
There is a Proxy server placed on a Windows 2000 Server which carries out the control and administration of users who have access to Internet.
By means of this server, surfing permits are assigned to users.
The mail server is placed on a Windows 2000 Server platform, and the mail service is specifically an Exchange Server 5.5.
This Server is independent from the domains used in the rest of the company. This Server is not directly connected to Internet; it is connected through Firewall 3 for safety.
We have a Server which provides Internet services and solutions in a joint and neat way, this server supplies WWW, FTP, SMTP and WEBMAIL services.
This server is placed on a Windows 2000 Server platform and the services it provides are independent solutions among themselves.
Nowadays we have PCs that operate on work positions by configuring the RealVNC software. Other alternative programs can be incorporated, according to the customer needs.
Database Management Alternative Software:
All the operative, follow-up and management applications of the Call Center as well as of the Back-office, fulfillment and collection areas are our own developments, which programming and interface tools, among others, satisfy all the legal requirements on licensing.
Likewise, said applications comply with the legal and safety standards, established by banking and financial entities in order to operate in the circuit of Telephone-Sales
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